Cheers to
Brewsvegas 2018

We hope you like it here as much as we do

Now in its fifth year, Brewsvegas sprang from a love of the local beer and wider community that help make Brisbane such a wonderful place to live. As Brewsvegas has grown and evolved over the past few years, so too has Brisbane. Thankfully, good beer has thrived along with it, and year on year we’ve seen the prevalence of quality, flavoursome beer increasing in our local bars, pubs, restaurants and bottle shops. With all the demand for good beer we’ve continued to see new breweries pop up in our midst, as well as exciting growth for some of our existing local legends.

The Brewsvegas team has changed too, there are now more volunteers than ever working to make Brewsvegas the best festival it can be. As always we’ve striven again this year to create a platform that champions the originality and personality of Brisbane’s good beer hangouts. Of course, yet again, the Brisbane and wider Brewsvegas community has not let us down. Within the pages of this program lies a perfect snapshot of what makes our local beer culture so unique and so much fun.

We encourage you all, whether fortunate citizens or welcome guests of Brewsvegas to spend time exploring the array of events on offer. We all have our favourite bars and breweries, places to eat and play. For all of us though, our journey into the wonderful world of good beer started with a willingness to try something new. So it is in that spirit, that we urge you to treat yourself to a new experience, makes some new friends and drink some new beer. May the fifth Brewsvegas be full of surprises and cheer. Viva Brewsvegas!

Brewsvegas Incorporated: IA41457

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