Pint of Origin

Brewsvegas proudly welcomes back the Pint of Origin for its fourth year!

The festival within a festival created by beer website The Crafty Pint has been a highlight of Melbourne’s Good Beer Week for years and this year, we’ll be celebrating beer made from all over Australia and then some! 9 venues across Brisbane will each host a state (or in two cases, a country) and will have their taps taken over by that region’s brewing talents for the duration of Brewsvegas. Expect collaborations, rare beers, ‘meet the brewers’ and good times in eight of Brisbane’s most beer passionate venues!


At Mr Henderson, we love local so repping Queensland in the Pint of Origin is right up our alley and we’re very excited about it. We’re proud of our local community and supporting local brewers and businesses, plus we all know that Queensland beer is exceptional and just keeps getting better. During Brewsvegas, we’ll be lining up local beers from the Gold Coast to Cairns on all eight taps. ‘Destination Queensland’ flight cards will be available to help you put together the best tasting paddles and experience the best that our pints of origin have to offer. There’ll be a few surprises in the fridge as welll, food trucks will be taking care of the need to nosh.


I’m called Glad-of-War, Grim, Raider, and Third. I am One-Eyed… I have as many names as there are winds, as many titles as there are ways to die’. Brewsvegas has been extended a branch of Yggdrasil to join the Nine Worlds of Nordic Cosmology. A midsommer dream has taken hold of Saccharomyces Beer Café. For nine days through nine regions, a Scandinavian journey of incredible flavour and complexity will ensue for Brewsvegas 2020.
A brewing revolution has taken hold of Scandinavia. For the last decade the Nordic nations have emerged from a Carlsberg and Tuborg coma to become a global craft beer trendsetter. The region has long being associated with world class design and culinary expertise. The brewing movement has extracted the typically sleek, pristine Scandinavian design sensibilities to craft a world of flavour completely unique to the region. Featuring beers from ALEFARM, AMUNDSEN, LERVIG, MIKKELLER, TO OL, OMNIPOLLO and more. Escape with the Nordic gods. Skal!

Western Australia

Helios’ head brewer, Charlie, started his brewing career in WA with over 10 years in the industry, before making the transcontinental move to QLD. Now his state of origin beers will take over the Helios Brewing taps for the duration of Brewsvegas, with the likes of Gage Roads Brewing, Nowhereman Brewing, Eagle Bay Brewing and Bright Tank Brewing joining the line-up. Former brewing colleague of Charlie, Eddie Still, who now runs Nowhereman Brewing, will attend a meet the brewer session at Helios. Along with the WA taps and events, Helios will be collaborating with the Ipswich Homebrewer’s Union to brew a beer devised by one of their members, selected by Charlie. Helios will also take part in the popular ‘Beermuda Triangle’, with free shuttle buses taking patrons between Helios, Ballistic and Slipstream breweries.

South Australia

Get yourself a state that can do both! Year on year, we’re seeing the best brews and the best wines coming out of South Australia. We’ll show you who the real Barossa all the states is when it comes to crafty brews. Pint of Origin is all about celebrating the best beers from down under. And what’s more down under than our most southern state, South Australia? I know what you’re thinking, “Isn’t Tasmania the most Southern state?” Sure, but they’re their own island so do they even really count? By far the superior state, SA is brewing and fermenting the best craft beer and wine in Australia. Queensland can keep their XXXX, Victoria their VB, WA is way too far to travel, and NSW is way too near for discovery. If you want to live the real Pirate Life, be happy as a Prancing Pony or maybe you’re just looking for a Little Bang for your buck, we’re going beyond the vale to showcase some of Radelaide’s best brews every day of Brewsvegas.

New Zealand

New Zealand, Aotearoa, the land of the long white cloud. Surely a cloud formed by steam rising off the 150ish craft breweries scattered across the island nation mashing in on a cold morning. The Kiwis have been pushing the boundaries of brewing to crazy new levels and The Woods gets to turn over our taps to NZ beers for all of Brewsvegas! Expect Pineapple Lumps
as bar snacks, chilly bins full of tinnies, to bump in to your cozzie bro at the bar, and that permanent tap of white mischief to be on constant flow. It’s gonna be choice.

United States

From the country that bought us sitcoms, fast food and global chaos, we’re muling in some of the hoppiest beer, rarest beer, sourest beer on the planet for Pint of Origin USA 2020. We’re bringing in breweries you’ve never heard of, beers that you’ve never been able to get hold of and brewers that we’re not worthy of. For the first time we’re showcasing a US state (Texas) and a US city (Portland) – and we’re pumped for it. There’s something for home brewers, beer lovers, beer fanatics – and of course foodies. Great American BBQ and the like paired with great American beers all week. Stay tuned to Brewski’s socials as we release the finer details closer to the event.


We are spoilt for choice as hosts of Victorian Pint of origin this year and will treat you to a whole week of the best our southern state has to offer. Kicking off with a battle of the barrels between Boatrocker and international visitors brouwerij De Molen, the week will see us go on an exploration of the wonderful beer flavour spectrum from sours to stouts and everything in between. We will have meet the brewers, tap showcases and epic vinyl DJ battles culminating in one final epic event, Fabulous frothies, which sees 3 ravens, Kaiju and local favourites currumbin valley lip sync for their life!


Joining us for Tasmanian Pint of Origin are legends of the southern Isle themselves, Step Brewers Podcast.
Step Brewers are a trio who’ve been recording for over a year now each bringing something different to the table. Klimt, owner/brewer of Spotty Dog Brewers, Ali, photographer and home brewer, and Ian with a background in specialty coffee who brings a set of tastebuds and a serious case of the grumpies that we assume all baristas get.
The three create an engaging and fun show with technical expertise and information that is easy to digest whilst giving you the facts in a no bullsh*t manner.
Step Brewers have carefully selected what they believe are the hottest beers in Tasmania right now and will be hosting a live show and guided tasting with guest brewers and industry legends for panel discussion and Q&A.
You can also expect plenty of great IPA’s at our TasmanIPA event and Tasty French Eats and Willie Smiths cider at our French Degustation Lunch.

New South Wales

Cans, Collaborations and Cockroaches, we’ve got the best of our southern cousins on show, all week. New South Wales have their heads up, a few sneaky Origin wins, a relaxation of the lock-out laws and an explosion of great independent breweries. To celebrate, we will be showcasing the new, like Sunday Road and Seven Mile, to the (not so) old faithfuls like Akasha and Wayward. Buckets of cans, tap takeovers, loads of collaborations and maybe even an unsanctioned cockroach race, or two.